Announcing: The Food Truck For ART

Imagine if a food truck and a traveling circus had a baby. Imagine a mobile fringe festival. That's what we want to give you.
Imagine a mini-fringe festival that travels all around Indianapolis and the state to bring performances, classes, and entertainment to YOU. IndyFringe brought you street entertainment during the Superbowl, and we want to continue spreading the fun at festivals, fairs, schools, universities, and more!
Power2give is a new initiative launched by our friends at the Arts Council of Indianapolis. Power2Give is essentially "Kickstarter" for non-profits. All the companies listed under the Indianapolis section are Arts and Humanities Non-Profits from Central Indiana. Period.
For $10,000 from power2give, we can acquire and customize a truck that will serve as our little circus wagon. Your contributions will be used exclusively to acquire the vehicle - the first and most important step. Not only will this purchase allow us to expand our reach to a wider audience, but it will also expand the reach of developing companies and emerging artists.
It is not just about IndyFringe. It's about community. It's about Indianapolis. It's about creating opportunities. It's about bringing art to people who can't get to art. It's about starting careers. It's about the feeling we all had on Georgia Street during the Superbowl. It's about energy. It's about life. It's about art. Because art can happen anywhere - with your help.
The truck will serve a triple purpose: ambassador for the fringe (including mobile ticket office), performance opportunity for emerging artists, and as a way to bring street theatre to festivals that are seeking new and exciting entertainment options. The truck will be outfitted with portable staging, sound equipment, lighting, and more! We will also hold an open art competition to design the final look of the Fringe on Wheels!
We see this is a huge opportunity to create a unique festival atmosphere everywhere the truck goes. So far the following companies have already pledged to use Fringe on Wheels:
  • Indianapolis International Film Festival
  • NoExit Performance
  • Storytelling Arts
  • Indiana Festivals
  • Young Actor’s Theatre
  • Intimate Opera
  • Q Artistry
  • Orkestra Projekt
  • Angel Burlesque
  • Musicians, poets, buskers, mimes, and all sorts of street performers


If this is something you think Indianapolis ought to have, there are so many ways to help:

First, share, blog, tweet, text, or email this information to all of your friends! Get excited about the first Art Truck in Indy! Connect with us on facebook and twitter for updates you can share with friends! Use #fringetruck

Second, your financial contributions in ANY amount are greatly appreciated!

We hope you are as excited about this as we are. Spread the word. Share the love.

Because every street deserves a festival.