Fringe On Wheels

IndyFringe is honored to be among the 17 organizations awarded the Lilly Endowment.

This grant allowed IndyFringe to build Fringe on Wheels, a mobile theatre which will bring performances, classes, and entertainment all around Indianapolis and the state. Fringe on Wheels, a Ford Transit Van outfitted with portable staging, sound equipment, lighting, and more, will serve many purposes: to be a roving Ambassador for the Fringe, a mobile ticket office, a performance opportunity for emerging artists; and, to bring street theatre to communities that want new and exciting entertainment options. Kevin Burke, head of community outreach for Fringe on Wheels, explains, “Our goal is to bring FOW to schools, community centers, underserved communities, fairs and festivals.” Fringe on Wheels will roll out to local parades, fairs and festivals, sporting events, neighborhood centers, university campuses and the annual IndyFringe Festival.


Fringe on Wheels is not just about IndyFringe.

It's about community. It's about Indianapolis. It's about creating opportunities. It's about bringing art to people who can't get to it. It's about starting careers. It's about energy. It's about life. It's about art.  

Because art can happen anywhere!


Fringe On Wheels Rental

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