Indianapolis Ballet presents: “New Works” Showcase

On the heels of its debut residency in February featuring three pieces of familiar ballet classics, the new Indianapolis Ballet professional company will mix it up in early March during a run of “New Works” showcases at the IndyFringe’s Basile Theatre. These six performances in front of a cabaret-style set-up in the intimate space on Mass Ave will feature an eclectic mix of ballet and additional forms of dance highlighting choreography by the members of Indianapolis Ballet and its artistic team.


Holiday Hangover Party
Sunday, January 7, 2018 - 7:00pm till late!
Complimentary Sun King Beer and nibbles from Mass Ave restaurants.

7:30pm to 8:30pm
9:00pm to 10:00pm

Performer Previews from local theater companies and artists including musical
theatre, magic, storytelling, poetry and open mike featuring Fringe favorites
Paige Scott/Jacob Stensberg , Adam Tran, Dave Pelsue/Hannah Boswell,
Jason Adams, Taylor Martin, Mathew Walls and more.

Voci Dance: Paint Chips

Orlando Fringe veteran Voci Dance bring "word jazz" master Ken Nordine's 1966 album COLORS to life in this quirky, multimedia performance. Experience the eccentric artists' palette through Voci’s signature creative movement, humor, wit and grace. "Lovingly perfectionistic...Fringe is for enjoying yourself, and this show exemplifies that joy." -Orlando Weekly

One US

Circle City Tap Company returns to IndyFringe presenting works of diversity, empowerment, and unity through the art of tap dance. An uplifting, family-friendly concert that’s entertaining and inspiring, featuring some of Indy's best tap dancers.

Black in the Box

Black in the Box follows a man who is able to embody and trace the steps of blacks from the slave era to current-day America through the use of masks. As the result of his immersion, the man gains insight and understanding as to why frustrations have grown within the black community. This revealing performance provides a profound and panoramic chronicle of the historic black experience.

Lilly of the Valley

Lilly of The Valley is a short story expressed through movement about a girl tormented in her dreams. In dreaming, another world is revealed to her; she comes face to face with Death himself. There, she meets Life and learns his name, which becomes her key weapon to trump Death.

Red Couch

This award-winning dance-theatre romantic romp is about two people. They like each other – maybe more than like. Cue the gut-wrenched butterflies. Passive-aggressive body language begets awkward tension when like becomes like-like and their hearts go aflutter. All of this happens on a couch –that’s red.


Crossroads Dance Indy’s production of IndyScape will explore and interpret various attributes about Indianapolis city life. From beloved locations in the city to annoying inconveniences such as potholes, CDI will represent Indy through the dance forms of jazz, tap, modern, ballet and more


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