Dangerzone Improv Showcase

"Dangerzone is a two-act showcase with the goal of bringing people together to form new teams, and showing the community that if you want to improvise, all you need is a partner and a stage. In the first act, 10 improvisers have been randomly paired and assigned a coach, and they have invented an original two-person form that will be performed live! In the second act, the coaches perform original experimental longform improv."

The evening event is free to the public.

Haunted - Told and True

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? Storytellers Laura Packer and Loren Niemi tell real, creepy, funny, lovely, terrifying stories about the things that haunt us and keep us awake at night. Not the typical "ghost" stories you hear around the campfire, these are tales of vampires, monsters, bad relationships and life gone horribly wrong.


It's just two dudes making a musical. Jon Colby and Will Pfaffenberger have been performing together for over a decade. Be prepared to laugh and maybe even cry as they take suggestions from the audience and then create an entire musical right before your very eyes. All of the songs, lyrics, and scenes are completely improvised. They promise.


"Going...Going...Gone" returns to Indy Fringe!
"Going...Going...Gone" comes home to the Fringe Building for a special benefit for Indy Fringe. Come join the fun as performers from the 2017 Indy Fringe Festival improvise their way through a live auction in which YOU do their bidding … and then take home whatever you buy with play money. Now a staple of Indy’s theatre scene, "Going...Going...Gone" was launched at the 2012 Indy Fringe Festival and has taken Ed’s Auction House to audiences as far away as New Jersey.


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