The Jordan Allen Experience

The Jordan Allen Experience is an interactive mind reading expose that sold out at the Louisville Fringe Festival. Jordan Allen WILL READ the minds of the entire audiences! The Jordan Allen Experience is an interactive show that is audience focused with moments of motivation all packed into an unforgettable experience.

Laugh Magic LIVE!

Laugh Magic LIVE! ® is full of hilarious comedy! With Jonathon's young charm, crafted / creative written jokes and of course the Improv situations the show will leave everyone laughing until it hurts! This show is designed to engage the audience with powerful feats on magic. Jonathon's show is not the typical magic show! If you are looking for high quality entertainment look no further then Laugh Magic LIVE! ® With the perfect blend of comedy and magic this show will leave you wanting more!


A Fine Selection of Magic

The Amazing Barry brings together some of the best entertainers from Indy and beyond to totally amaze you. From death-defying glasswalkers to hilarious mind-readers every show is different and guaranteed to leave you with that sense of child-like wonder. See for each show’s lineup.

Taylor Martin's Indy Magic #152

Our 152nd show and our first of our 12th year is set to be very special.

Starring is David Ranalli, direct from his show with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. David is a rising star of magic on the national scene and he will thrill with this set of magic from his unique repertoire of magic and illusion.

Then, we welcome back for his 14th appearance with us, Ryan Siebert. From the Super Bowl to performing at some of the finest venues in Indiana, Ryan will knock you out with his skills with cards and his wit.


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