Performance Art

Nonsense and Impossibility

When two very different women find themselves bonding over coffee and a love of magic, what ensues? Nonsense and Impossibility! Join Lynetta and Kayla on an adventure filled with laughter, friendship, and, of course, magic. The only thing we need is you!...and a fresh pot of coffee.

Beauty and the Beast

Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up; yes sir, you in the back! We present to you a tale of wonder and intrigue, of love and sacrifice, of rivalry and showmanship. What else can you expect at the event of the century? This is the Chicago World’s Fair, after all.

White Collar Sideshow

WCS is a Shock-n-Roll band that has toured full time for 9 years. Two drummers and a bass player in a cage provide the live soundtrack to an original film that plays on stage. The film is loosely based on the 7 deadly sins. The performers interact with the crowd and offer an unforgettable live experience.

Black in the Box

Black in the Box follows a man who is able to embody and trace the steps of blacks from the slave era to current-day America through the use of masks. As the result of his immersion, the man gains insight and understanding as to why frustrations have grown within the black community. This revealing performance provides a profound and panoramic chronicle of the historic black experience.

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