This Christmas, Kevin is alone...at home. Featuring live projections, puppets, and a four-person choir, all told in Recent Cutbacks’ signature brand of humor, nostalgia, and thrilling theatricality. Discover the true meaning (maybe) of Christmas this year with “KEVIN!!!!!!” – a parody of Home Alone.
"The perfect show for fans of Home Alone and/or '90s movies looking to get into the holiday spirit [...] It's a reminder of the joy of live theater — something you can't get from just re-watching the movie."
- Theatre is Easy

The Secret of Castle Alphabet

Mea happens upon a mysterious old castle, unearthing the legend that one day, a true heir of the lost kingdom will return. This fantastical, imaginative story shows kids that each of them have the ability to change someone's world by being the best version of themselves. Good fun for kids and adults alike!

Mad Mad Hercules

Mad Mad Hercules
Written by Bennett Ayres
Directed by Zack Neiditch
IndyFringe Basile Theater
April 21 - May 7

Greek mythology's most famous hero isn't the man you remember. Zach Rosing Productions joins forces with NoExit Performance to retell a story you only think you know.

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