Indy Story Slam

Gather your friends to participate in the Indy Story Slam produced by IndyFringe and Storytelling Arts of Indiana. The Slam theme is "Saving the World." These up-to-five minute personal stories must be true, told in the first person and based on the theme. The theme is broad and may be interpreted many ways. (no props nor reading from the page.)

too old to be this young

A 26 year old loses her virginity. To her coworker. Who has "broken" tattooed over his heart. She's also ghostwriting a book. For their boss. On middle-aged men's impotence. "too old to be this young" scrutinizes the vanity of aging and the shelf life of desire.

There Ain't No More!

An award-winning, tour-de-folk operetta celebrating America’s vanishing original art form. In his final performance, an old folk singer confronts his lost love, experiences of the Vietnam War, years of political activism, adventures into the American wilderness, and death itself with five instruments, square-dance calling, and dirty jokes in this haunting, heartfelt hootenanny.


Set 20 years in the future when rape is supposedly eradicated, this powerful solo play seeks to raise awareness about sexual violence and combat systemic oppression through "Tour-de-Force" Qurrat Ann Kadwani’s eight characters. Politics, media, the legal system, psychology, education, male and female sexual assault, and LGBTQ inclusivity come together to unravel the intricacy of rape culture.

The O Diary

What happens after #MeToo? “The O Diary” is a must for women - and their families - who need to understand the consequences of abuse against women. Betsy Blankenbaker’s provocative, funny, poignant, eccentric pilgrimage to heal and make peace with her body will surprise you with tears, laughter, and spark your curiosity to reclaim your voice in the world, too.

An Accidental Organist

In 1991, David Boyle took over his ailing father's job as church organist and choir director. This solo show is a workplace confessional that explores 25-plus years of sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant interactions with the congregation.

Millennial Magic

A not-your-average magic show from a not-your-average-magician. As Trigg takes us into his land of high-tech wizardry, we rediscover the magic of the modern world surrounding us. Fresh from national television appearances on Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us” and “Masters of Illusion” on the CW, he'll have you witnessing the impossible and laughing along the way.

Why Be Normal?

A professional singer and storyteller, Elizabeth Young poignantly yet humorously describes what it is like to have landed in a place that looks a lot like her childhood home - where she often felt isolated and unaccepted by her seemingly perfect family. This is Elizabeth’s often hilarious struggle of trying to fit in, marrying late in life, and ultimately finding herself.

Happy Fun Time at the Complex

It’s 2016 and Captain Ambivalent (and you as the audience) have woken up in an underground complex full of secret mutants and traitors with no idea how you got there! And now, the Computer has assigned him to explain it all in song to you, the heroic survivors of the amnesia gas on Level 12.


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