I'm Too Fat for This Show

Kate Huffman’s shockingly hilarious, award-winning solo show (Encore, Valley Theatre, Soaring Solo awards) returns to Indy. Through 18 characters, multi-media effects, and brutal honesty, Huffman presents her experience with two decades of OCD and eating disorders and the very serious toll her numbers-obsessed, body dysmorphic brain takes on her life.

Five and a Half Feet of Fearsome

Part militaristic recruitment meeting, part puppet show, part physical theatre, part confessional, and part stand-up comedy. Much like the trans community, Five and a Half Feet of Fearsome doesn't fit neatly into one box.  Genderqueer artist Shannon Savard invites you to accompany them in their mission to take on mainstream media's anxieties surrounding transgender people, doctors, Judy Blume, and Bertha the Furious Uterus.

The Jordan Allen Experience

The Jordan Allen Experience is an interactive mind reading expose that sold out at the Louisville Fringe Festival. Jordan Allen WILL READ the minds of the entire audiences! The Jordan Allen Experience is an interactive show that is audience focused with moments of motivation all packed into an unforgettable experience.

What They Said About Love

Steve Budd plays over a dozen characters in his solo show about looking for love and--sometimes--finding it. He weaves in his own search for "the one" in this 60-minute piece that is funny and poignant. Budd's story is complemented by scenes of five couples who he interviewed about their marriages.

Jeannette Rankin: Champion of Persistence

When Jeannette Rankin found the Suffrage movement, her life began. She campaigned for suffrage all over the country. She was the first US Congresswoman elected in 1916 from Montana. Why has history forgotten her? Because she was the only congressperson to oppose the second world war? Or because she stood on the side of labor and opposed Big Mining? Maybe because she was one of the first to question the US military presence In Vietnam. Hear her story, and get inspired to become a thorn yourself.

Pretty Face: An American Dream

Funny and fearless, Pretty Face chews up the unbearable American newsfeed and splits out a story that you’ll love to hate and hate to love. With razor-sharp wit, she’ll both seduce and disturb you. Pretty Face is written and performed by Amanda Huotari of Celebration Barn Theater in South Paris, Maine, and directed by Aitor Basauri, joint artistic director of the UK’s premiere physical theater ensemble, Spymonkey. Pretty Face dares you: Burst your bubble and indulge in the outrageous comedy of our time. 

Vixen DeVille Revealed

Burlesque, Circus, Comedy, Magic …. and a few home truths. British actress Cat LaCohie reveals the truth behind her Burlesque persona, ‘Vixen DeVille’… inviting you on the journey to revealing YOUR inner Vixen. Embrace the freedom to express yourself, BE yourself, CELEBRATE yourself, the GOOD, the BAD and THE WOBBLY!! Guaranteed to leave you entertained and Inspired.

The Only Thing Worse You Could've Told Me

Dan Bulter of television's "Frazier" has written a tour de force of what it means to be a gay man. With ten characters from all walks of life, the show runs the gamut of people you dislike to men you fall in love with.

At times hysterically funny, heartbreakingly poignant, and very real. Artistic Director for Be Out Loud Theatre (BOLT), Indianapolis's Exclusively LGBTQ+ theatre company, Michael Swinford.


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