Back when she was a missionary at Taylor University, this artist knew there was something more for her and with that, she went to San Francisco. This is a story about an aspiring artist’s technique during a turbulent time called information technology.

That's Not How It Happened

Colleen Hindsley grew up in an Irish pub with her 5 siblings and larger-than-life parents. Now she sings Irish songs and tells original stories featuring family legends, unreliable memories, sketchy boyfriends, spiritual healers, several show tunes, and just maybe even a little bit of truth. Solo performer, comedy, vocal performance.

Jeannette Rankin: Champion of Persistence

When Jeannette Rankin found the Suffrage movement, her life began. She campaigned for suffrage all over the country. She was the first US Congresswoman elected in 1916 from Montana. Why has history forgotten her? Because she was the only congressperson to oppose the second world war? Or because she stood on the side of labor and opposed Big Mining? Maybe because she was one of the first to question the US military presence In Vietnam. Hear her story, and get inspired to become a thorn yourself.


Is Your Brain Still Cooking?

Realizing that only oldsters tune in, an Indianapolis television station cancels all existing shows and joins the Nursing Home Channel that only offers programming for the aged. The new network affiliate debuts a locally produced game show called "Is Your Brain Still Cooking?" in which geezer contestants recall events from their past

A Thousand Words

50 years ago, Chris Parsons served as a combat photographer in Vietnam. Combining his pictures with original music and dance, trombonist C. Neil Parsons (Fruit Flies Like a Banana) recounts tales of danger, resilience, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.


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