Hold On To Your Butts

“Hold On To Your Butts,”

65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth...25 years ago, a movie about dinosaurs came out that ruled the box office.

For many millennials, their one nostalgia flick, the one favorite movie from their youth with an epic story, special effects, and iconic score, is Jurassic Park, which has remained the gold standard of dinosaur flicks for the past twenty-five years.


Rock Paper Scissors, aka Roshambo, is serious business for these students. Taylor, the prodigy, can sense when an opponent will throw scissors just by looking at them. Her no-nonsense coach and over-exuberant mother expect her to win the upcoming tournament. Will she rise to the challenge or crack under pressure?


Princess Cynthia of Malibu has it all, yet she longs to be "normal." When the ever-present media breaks the news about her husband’s foot fetish, Cindy embarks on an adventure to find out who she truly is beneath the glitz and glam. This modern spin on the classic Cinderella story is one you won't want to miss!

Beneath the Surface

“Beneath the Surface” follows a group of teens as they navigate the triumphs and struggles of growing up in a rural community. Join them as they deal with family, school, self-acceptance, social media, and handling problems with mental health. Learn about their stories and let us dig beneath the surface together.

Learn more about Beneath the Surface here: http://www.journalreview.com/news/article_d29fdd88-9cbe-11e8-a10b-5bf84d...

odds of Oz

Messages Untold brings you another fairytale with a twist that includes visual arts with live stage painting. The land has been cursed by the one trusted to protect it. Is there no one left to save oz from being destroyed. Maybe it's time the legend of oz comes to an end. This...is the apocalypse!

Tickets $12/$10

December 1st 5pm & 7pm
December 2nd 5pm & 7pm
December 3rd 7pm


Oscar Munoz has taken the old world magic show and introduced it to comedy.
It's an explosion of magic and satire.
Oscar is known for his work within the Texas education system with an
emphasis on anti-bullying messages and technique.
It's not just a magic show, it's a one of a kind experience for everyone in the family.
A fundraiser for Fringe Against Hate with Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

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