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Shin Lim, the Hipster Magician and reigning World Champion in card magic brings his shuffling, card-twisting, mind-bending magic to Indianapolis for the sixth annual IndyFringe Winter Magic Festival.

World-famous magicians have performed their greatest tricks in Indianapolis for over a century. Houdini freed himself from his infamous straight-jacket trick on Meridian Street.  Harry Blackstone Jr., who sawed his wife in half 17 times a week during their 23 years of marriage, was educated at Culver Academy.  John Calvert, dubbed the second best magician in history by Houdini’s wife, Bess, hailed from New Trenton.

Honoring that long tradition, the 2016 IndyFringe Winter Magic Festival presents stages utterly amazing live magic shows, performed by the world’s best illusionists, mentalists, card tricksters and mind trippers.  This unique festival offers a rare opportunity for fans of magic to experience world-class performances, usually seen only at magic conventions and world championships.

This year IndyFringe presents the World Champion of Card Magic, Shin Lim, and two of America’s finest female magicians, Kayla Drescher and Suzanne.  Kayla performed at both the Winter Magic Festival and the IndyFringe Festival in 2013.

Surprising. Innovative. Entrancing. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? These are just some of the words you’ll be using after you attend one of the many events at the 2016  Indianapolis Winter Magic Festival running from Jan 21-24 and sponsored by IndyFringe. This event will get you out of the house in January just when you need a boost to your spirits. Last year, many of the shows sold out, despite the truly awful weather Indy was experiencing.

This year IndyFringe presents the World Champion of Magic, Shin Lim and two of America’s finest female magicians, Suzanne and Kayla Drescher.  Shin Lim will perform ONLY in the daily magic showcase.

Shin Lim – Boston: Shin Lim, the Hipster Magician, a slender Canadian of Singaporean lineage, with a red silk vest and tie, black skinny jeans and an angular haircut. Shin Lim is World Champion of Card Magic at FISM -Italy 2015 (the Magic Olympics)

Daily - Winter Magic Showcase only – IndyFringe Basile Theatre

Suzanne - Minnesota: Suzanne is a master conjuror and close up magic is her favorite show.   Suzanne’s trademark Cups and Balls routine will leave the audience speechless.  She has been voted as one of the top performers at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle. The Academy of Magical Arts honored Suzanne by nominating her as Close up Magician of the Year for 2010, the first woman magician ever to receive this honor.  (Indy Eleven Theatre)

Jamahl Keyes - Indianapolis: What happens when you combine comedy magic, dance and the spirit of Broadway? You get one person, Jamahl Keyes – The Dancing Motivator Of Magic – a unique theatrical experience combining comedy, dancing, mentalism, and audience participation.  (IndyFringe Basile Theatre)

Kayla Drescher, Los Angeles - Magic in Heels: Watch as the impossible becomes possible. See torn objects restored! Liquids appear from nowhere! Borrowed objects appear in impossible locations! "Magic In Heels" is the story of how a small town girl, Kayla Drescher, becomes a world-traveling magician.  Kayla won the Society of American Magician’s Presidential Citation, was named Boston's 2013, "Magician of the Year" and on NBC's "The Today Show", she won David Copperfield's "Search for the Next Great Magician." Kayla continues to push reality's limits and create one unforgettable family friendly show. (IndyFringe Basile Theatre)

Simon Coronel, Australia: Skilled illusionist Simon Coronel makes the utterly impossible possible with his incredible live performance art.  A two-time FISM (Magic Olympics) award winner, he hails from the Southern Hemisphere, but creates magic everywhere with his unusual combination of physical dexterity and mental psychology.  He has won more than a dozen international awards, and is one of the few Australians regularly invited to perform at the world-famous Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood.  We promise that you have never seen a show like this!

Harrison Lampert, Los Angeles: Giggles galore ensue when Harrison Lampert takes the stage.  Magic comedian, or comic magician, Harrison brings his trademark good ol’ fashioned fun mixed with a bit of absurdity to Indianapolis.   Stand-up comedy shares the stage with sleight of hand, witty wise-cracks and fast-paced silliness.  A show for all ages from the Philadelphia-born veteran actor, singer and magician, this jack-of-all-trades delights audiences across the country.


IndyFringe Basile Theater and Indy Eleven Theater, 719E St Clair Street, 46202

See for tickets, dates and times.

Dates:  Thursday, January 21 -Sunday January 24, 2016

Tickets:Adults $15/ Students/Seniors $12, Under 12/$10

Magic Showcase: $35 featuring World Champion, Shim Lim and all magicians

$28 for seniors (65+)/students

Magic Lectures: $30  Age 16+

Take IndyGo’s Routes 5, 11, 17 or 21 to get to the Winter Magic Festival! Each of the routes travel within a block of the IndyFringe Theatre.

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Past Indianapolis Winter Magic Festival Participants:

Lion Fludd, Trigg Watson, Ran 'D Shine, Robert Sode, Two Brothers One Mind, Jania Taylor,
Amazing Barry, Brandon Baggett, Jared Sherlock, Darshwood D. Conjurer & Lion Fludd
Anthony The Great!, The Action Brothers, Eric Starkey, Devin Stewart and Jen Cavanaugh,TJ Ketchmark,
Reuben Moorland and Tyler Nygren
Johnny Thompson, The Great Tomsoni (Las Vegas) , Jamahl Keyes, Kayla Drescher (LA), Crescent Circus (New Orleans),
Ryan Siebert (IN) Caleb Wiles (IN), Obtuse (IN) , Cody Comet, Louisville, John Shore, Kentucky,
Oscar Munoz (Texas), Michael Dardant (New Orleans), Trigg Watson (Texas), Eric DeCamps (NYC),
Trent James (Illinois), Hannibal (Mass)

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Next Show: 
Tuesday Jun 7th, 12:45AM

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Performance Times: 
Tuesday Jun 7th, 12:45AM