Indy Bard Fest

Bard Fest is Indy's only annual Shakespeare Festival! Bard Fest Indy was founded in 2015 by three Indiana-based theatre companies - The Carmel Theatre Company, First Folio Productions, and Catalyst Repertory - to bring a professional-quality, yet intimate, Shakespeare festival experience to Hoosier audiences. Through our partnership with The Carmel Theatre Company, and now, IndyFringe, Bard Fest is able to not only provide paying work for local area actors, but also provide three unique visions under one intimate roof. Founded by Glenn Dobbs, Executive Producer and Artistic Director. Associate Producers: John Clair & Tony Johnson. Produced in partnership with The Carmel Theatre Company, First Folio Productions, Catalyst Repertory and Agape Performing Arts Company.

Productions in this year's Indy Bard Fest:

Catalyst Repository, an Indianapolis-based repertory theater company, first opened its doors in 2015. Now a mainstay Indianapolis theater company, it will return to Bard Fest for the fourth time to produce “Romeo and Juliet,” directed by Zach Stonerock.

First Folio Productions, Dobbs’ own theater company, was founded in 2006. Since then, it has performed across the state for thousands. It, too, is returning to Bard Fest 2018 with a production of “The Merchant of Venice,” directed by Doug Powers.

Carmel Theatre Company, formerly The Rep, will produce the comedy “Much Ado About Nothing,” directed by Laura Kuhn.

Finally, Agape Performing Arts Company joins Indy Bard Fest this year and will present an all-youth production of Shakespeare’s classic tale, of love, magic, and hilarious comedy – “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – under the direction of Dr. Kathy Phipps.

2018 Indy Bard Fest Dates and Show Times: Sept. 27 - Oct. 7, visit for tickets and more info.