IndyFringe Festival - 16th Annual


2020 INDYFRINGE FESTIVAL  -  AUGUST  13 - 23, 2020

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6 shows over 11 days : Application Fee $650

3 shows over 5 days : Application Fee $350 - national and international only - not available to Indiana artists

  • IndyFringe is a first come application festival. In order to process your application we must receive payment in full
  • You may apply with a TBD title  
  • All acts are entered in the date order in which they apply and payment is processed
  • Admission is based on availability of slots with a minimum of 56 slots and maximum of 64 slots
  • Once your application and payment are received, you will get an official notification of acceptance from IndyFringe staff 
  • Once the 56 slots are filled, IndyFringe will advise and run a reserve list

Six Shows over 11 days: local, national and international acts - theatres vary in size

Three Shows over 5 days: IndyFringe Indy Eleven theatre only. 

National and International performers, solo acts and shows with small casts and minimal props, can apply to do 3 shows over 5 days. 

A Raucous, Rollicking Celebration!

The IndyFringe Festival explodes around Mass Ave for 11 days every August!

The festival presents every imaginable genre of live theatre: comedy, drama, dance, cabaret, music, musicals and multimedia!

Shows must be a minimum of 45 minutes and maximum of 60 minutes.   

All festival venues are on or near Massachusetts Avenue in the Arts & Theatre district of downtown Indianapolis. Venues are within a 5 minute  walk of each other.

Electric cars, scooters. bike share and buses can take you anywhere you need to go.

 The IndyFringe Festival “First Come, First Served”

Anyone and everyone is eligible to apply! Check out the application form here.  64 Performance Slots Application deadline is March 31, 2020

The average box office payout last year was $2600.00.    Estimated audience 20,000+

No one gets rich doing the Festival but at IndyFringe we try to offset many of your costs with private accommodation within walking or driving distance of your theatre.

What you get ....

6 scheduled performances - local, national or international performers

3 performances over 5 days for national and international performers residing outside of Indiana.

Guaranteed 80% of your box office receipts. Receipts include single-ticket sales at full price $15, Senior/Student $12 and $8 Fiver Passes.

Well-equipped accessible venue (with additional wheelchair access or other accommodations for artists, available by request).

Professional technicians to run the board for your show. Ticket sales (advanced and in-person), box office staff and front-of-house services

FringeFestival Program —your comprehensive guide to the festival inserted in 70,000 copies of Indy Star newspaper and 10,000 for distribution during the Festival Access to workshops and one-on-one help sessions Drawings and photos of your Fringe managed venue Customizable page for your show on IndyFringe website Access to mailing list for publicity material distribution to major press outlets

What you're responsible for ....

Finding or creating a script and acquiring any necessary rights or permissions for existing scripts/music Arranging/contracting actors and director Costumes, props, sound cues and set pieces Marketing your show Arranging necessary visas and work permits if coming from outside the United States Abiding by the Fringe rules and deadlines Available for eleven days if you apply for 6 slots in festival

What to consider ....

Keep it short : All shows must be between 45 and 60 minutes long including curtain call and/or audience discussions.

Keep it simple : You must be able to load in and set up your show in ten minutes. Likewise, you get ten minutes to load out once your show is finished.

Storage is never guaranteed , so you may need to transport your set and costumes in and out for every performance.

Venues are shared by up to 8 companies, so lighting configurations will be general to serve many different shows.

Projection equipment is available in all venues. There are venues of all shapes and sizes.