Catherine of Siena

Produced by:
Sr Nancy Murray

Catherine of Siena,

Nancy Murray, OP is a Catholic nun, a member of the Adrian Dominicans.
Like her more famous brother, Bill Murray, she is comfortable on the stage.

Sister Nancy Murray is making her mark on audiences across the country and throughout the world, bringing to life the Dominican saint Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church. With simple props and a fertile imagination, Sister Nancy portrays Catherine as the colorful, strong, passionate and enthusiastic personality that she was. Thanks to Sister Nancy’s gift of transforming herself into this 14th century saint and patroness of the Dominican Order, numerous churches, schools and organizations have become acquainted with Catherine’s fierce devotion to and love for God.
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$20 adults/$15 students/seniors/$10 children

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Next Show: 
Saturday Sep 17th, 7:30PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Friday Sep 16th, 7:30PM
Saturday Sep 17th, 7:30PM


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