Fan Me, Lord!

When family secrets cause all hell to break loose!

Written by:
Ramla Bandele

In 1950s, Chicago native, Patricia Wilson visits home to share her big news after studying abroad in London. Little did she know her entire world will flip upside down as the beans spill about family secrets.

Can she face the challenges and keep her “new- found self-confidence?”

Ramla is a retired political science and Africana Studies professor.

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Sunday Jun 2nd, 3:00PM

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Performance Times: 
Friday May 24th, 7:00PM
Saturday May 25th, 5:00PM
Sunday May 26th, 3:00PM
Friday May 31st, 7:00PM
Sunday Jun 2nd, 3:00PM

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Ticket Price: 
$15 - Adults / $12 - Seniors/Students



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