It Is Well: A New Play

Produced by:
Written and Directed by Angela Jackson-Brown

Friday, September 23/24/25, 2016
It is Well: A New Play
Written and Directed by Angela Jackson-Brown
Delphi Matthews is dying, or at least that is what the doctors are saying, so she knows it is time, past time actually, to get her little rag tag family in order, as she calls them. She is the mother of three daughters and none of them are ready to live life without her. Her oldest daughter, Cadence, appears on the surface to have everything in control but really, she is a scared little girl inside who wants nothing more than to be her mama’s little girl again. The middle girl BeBe is a drug addict who tries to be a good mother to her daughter, Jerycho, but the addiction seems stronger than her love for anyone, including herself. The youngest, Ashya, is the most put together of Delphi's daughters, but she is young and even though she tries to be strong for her mother and the rest of her family, she is terrified of what life will be like without her mother Delphi. Finally, Delphi also feels responsible for her older sister, Carlithia, who has lost everyone she loves, including her husband and son in a brutal car crash. So, instead of spending her last days trying to get herself ready for the hereafter, Delphi, instead, must quickly put her family through a crash course of what it is like to live their lives without her there to direct them
Tickets : $20 all ages

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Sunday Sep 25th, 4:00PM

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Performance Times: 
Friday Sep 23rd, 8:00PM
Saturday Sep 24th, 3:00PM
Saturday Sep 24th, 8:00PM
Sunday Sep 25th, 4:00PM

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Ticket Price: 
Tickets : $20 all ages



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