Make Me A Perfect--Asperger's--Match

Written by:
Garret Mathews

Max has Asperger's. So does Victoria.

They "met" on an online dating service for persons on the autism spectrum. A (mostly) cheerful Max asks the (always) overwhelmed Victoria for a date at the only place he feels comfortable, the break room at the McDonald's where he works. Will they hit it off or just eat fries?

After the play -- Autism professionals will lead a panel discussion about Asperger's and autism. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions and take home informational brochures provided by panel members.

For language reasons, one scene is not appropriate for under 14

About the author and his "Aha" moment.

Am I selfish to a fault? Check.

Am I happily capable of spending long hours by myself? Check.

Am I lacking the wherewithal to understand even a little of what my wife is feeling? Check.

In late 2016, I discovered I have Asperger's -- a high functioning form of autism. It was truly one of life's "Aha" moments. More on this in a minute.

When I finally found out why I've always been different, it was like unbuttoning a cement overcoat. Now I understand why I think this, why I avoid that.

I'm one of Asperger's lucky ones. I can write. I earned a living penning the metro column for the Evansville Courier & Press. My website ( contains links to some other interests to include Appalachia and the civil rights movement.

The way I see it, if I don't use my words to reach out to others with Asperger's (and their loved ones), I'm the worst slacker on the planet. So I blog on the subject ( And I wrote this play (that's mostly a comedy) loosely based on some Aspie folks I've met over the last three years. If "Make Me An Asperger's Match" can contribute -- even peripherally -- to just one person having a similar "Aha" understanding about autism, my tale about the dating misadventures of Max and Victoria will be worthwhile.

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Next Show: 
Sunday Apr 7th, 5:00PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Saturday Apr 6th, 4:30PM
Saturday Apr 6th, 7:00PM
Sunday Apr 7th, 2:30PM
Sunday Apr 7th, 5:00PM

Ticket Price

Ticket Price: 
$15 Adults / $12 Seniors and Students



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