"Not Dead Yet"

Written by:
Jan White, Indianapolis, Indiana

Description: Comedy based on an Oscar-winning film star who moves from Hollywood to her home town in the Midwest. The story revolves around her group of friends and neighbors who are aging in their own unique ways. A birthday gift from her godson presents a journey into the world of cyber mishaps. The adventures of these characters promise to bring some laughs and entertainment to this year’s Diva Fest.

Bio of playwright: Jan White is proud to be a four-year veteran in the Indy DivaFest. She is a big fan of the Fringe and a member of the board at Theater on The Square. She began learning the tools of playwriting with classes at the Writers Center of Indianapolis in her early sixties. The experience and growth that DivaFest provides woman have been priceless. Last year, her play “What is this Place?” went on to have a run in the IndyFringe Festival 2016.

What is the best line in your show? “I wouldn’t be so sure about that with all the Botox you make me shoot in that face of yours; I wouldn’t be surprised if you won’t be dead for years before anyone even notices you are decomposing.”

What is a little-known fact about you? “I had a twenty minute marriage in the early 80s. (It was three months.)”

Next Show

Next Show: 
Sunday Mar 19th, 7:30PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Friday Mar 10th, 7:30PM
Saturday Mar 11th, 6:00PM
Sunday Mar 19th, 7:30PM

Ticket Price

Ticket Price: 
$18:00 Adults $13:00 Seniors/Students



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