ONYXFEST "The Lipstick Monologues: Traces of Her Lipstick"

Produced by:
Ardre Orie

The Lipstick Monologues: Traces of Her Lipstick
By Ardre Orie
With the rise of feminism, women are the most powerful force in the world. Our voices can not be silenced. From education to entrepreneurship to activism, we are game changers and innovators, bearing our souls to the world. But what about love? The old fashioned saying "We can do anything that a man can do" blurs the lines between love and war and lust and sex. Journey to a place where women say goodbye to the double standards and take matters into their own hands. Will love live or die? You be the judge.

Ardre Orie, Playwright
Ardre Orie is on a mission to create meaningful media that reflects the diversity of our life’s experiences and feeds our souls. Her goal as a writer, publisher, film director and advocate is to create platforms and media that allow the voices of those who have suffered from oppressive circumstances to be heard. Orie has written for VH1, YouTube and the sports and entertainment industries.
To learn more about Ardre Orie, visit www.IAMArdreOrie.com.

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Sunday Nov 13th, 6:00PM

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Performance Times: 
Friday Nov 11th, 8:00PM
Saturday Nov 12th, 9:00PM
Sunday Nov 13th, 6:00PM

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$12 Adults/$10 students, seniors



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