ONYXFEST "Single, Saved, and Playing Spades"

Produced by:
Lisa Michelle

Single, Saved, and Playing Spades
By Lisa Michelle
Mike and his friends get together every month for a friendly game of spades. This month, Kim brings a co-worker, Jasmine to the game. They talk about various issues that always seem to come back to a presence of God. Roland is having major life issues and doesn't want to hear anything about God, but Jasmine makes sure everyone knows what God can do.

Lisa Michelle, Playwright
Lisa Michelle began writing at an early age and didn’t realize her passion for stage plays until she met and worked with writer and director TJ Hemphill. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in public relations and masters in business administration, Lisa moved to Indiana where she began working with a youth drama ministry.

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Next Show: 
Sunday Nov 20th, 4:30PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Saturday Nov 12th, 6:00PM
Saturday Nov 19th, 6:00PM
Sunday Nov 20th, 4:30PM



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