On The Pole

Produced by:
Nicole Kearney Productions
Written by:
Nicole Kearney

Description: “On the Pole” confronts how working on the pole impacts the past, present and future lives of three dancers and a former dancer turned house mother, on the eve of one's first night and one's final night on the pole.

Bio of playwright: Nicole Kearney’s plays have been produced in New York City, Chicago, Cleveland, San Francisco, Orlando and Indianapolis. Her web series can be seen online at youtube.com/nicolekearneyproductions and the streaming platforms; OhDef.net, ColoredContent.com and SparkkTV.com. She was a semi-finalist for the 2016 Sundance Institute-YouTube New Voices Lab. She has a MFA in Dramatic Writing from Spalding University. As a former professor, she taught literature, creative writing and playwriting.

What is the best line in our show? "You're still a good girl; you're just nasty for work."

What is a little-known fact about you? “I was born in New Jersey, lived in the South Bronx, NY when hip hop began and have lived all over the world, as my dad is a retired Army veteran.”
The Cast:
Bashiri Asad​ is Richard
LaKesha Lorene​ is Etta
Shakisha Shakisha​ is Simone
Garrett Gammons​ is Miles
Mariah Ivey​ is Nina
Kortez Walker​ is Darius
Cheryl Herbert​ is Alesha
Ilandia Johnson Johnson​ is Love
Jeamell Briggs​ is James

Next Show

Next Show: 
Friday Mar 17th, 9:00PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Friday Mar 10th, 9:00PM
Saturday Mar 11th, 9:00PM
Friday Mar 17th, 9:00PM

Ticket Price

Ticket Price: 
$18 Adults $13 Students



Audience Warnings