Taylor Martin brings together a wonderful show.

Produced by:
Indy Magic Monthly

Where: Indy Eleven Theatre @ The IndyFringe Building, 719 E. St. Clair, Indianapolis, IN 46202

What: The best magicians appear at Indy Magic Monthly and our first show of 2018 is no exception.

First, Shawn Hurst appears to bring his magic to the stage and then, he comes back later in the show to be part of Kristian Charles’s set to a new level of fun. This is Shawn’s 4th appearance with us. Then, Jon LaChance, from Michigan, returns for his second set with IMM. Jon’s one of the up and coming acts in our sister state to the north, and will bring a youthful spin to the proceedings. After intermission, Sir Pat-Trick from Cincinnati will entertain with his wonderful act that is full of his unique character. And finally, Kristian Charles, also from Cincy, will show his street smart style to the folks in Indy. It will be both of these acts third time at IMM.

Taylor Martin hosts with the magic that earned him The Spirit Of The Indy Fringe award for the 2017 Festival. Plus, door prizes and surprises will be in abundance.

Tickets: $25 for Adults, $20 for over 61 and under 16. indyfringe.org

More information: Taylor (317) 431-1320 Fringe: 317-522-8099

Next Show

Next Show: 
Tuesday Feb 6th, 7:30PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Tuesday Feb 6th, 7:30PM

Ticket Price

Ticket Price: 
Tickets: $25 for Adults, $20 for over 61 and under 16.



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