Taylor Martin's 8th Annual Young Whipper-snappers of Magic

This is our biggest annual show of the year, the 8th Annual Young Whippersnappers of Magic.

These young conjurers range in age from 9-16 years.

Nine Year old Ben Morey,  aka Amazing Ben, is from Dayton, OH, and we saw him perform at Magi-Fest in January. What this young man can do with a deck of cards will make the pros in the audience jealous.

Thirteen year old Hunter Tabor from Shelbyville is returning for his third Indy Magic and his second Y.W. He created a sensation last year with his beautiful handling of magic coloring books.

Britton Siebert is a second generation magician and the son of Ryan Siebert, one of our favorite performers.

And finally, 4 year veteran of Y.W. is Anthony Stockton. His black art act has been a hit with all of our shows and this year, he has a brand new routine with rope that will wow everyone. 

All hosted by the producer of Indy Magic, Taylor Martin. His age is more than all of the other performers combined.

Next Show

Next Show: 
Tuesday Jun 4th, 7:00PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Tuesday Jun 4th, 7:00PM

Ticket Price

Ticket Price: 
Tickets: $25 for adults, $15 for seniors and students


Audience Warnings