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From page to stage. Emerging playwrights take you on a personal journey through their imagination. The themes are as wide-ranging as the playwrights themselves.

IndyFringe and the Indiana Writers Center have put together an emerging playwrights' showcase featuring ten-minute plays by exciting new playwrights who have been honing their craft at the Indiana Writers Center and presented by your favorite local theatre companies.


"Waiting to Go On," written by Andrew Black

Rob is backstage, waiting to go on for his performance. Suddenly overcome with stage fright, Rob finds that he cannot make his entrance when given his cue. A dancer who has just come off stage tries to encourage him, while Sam, the stage manager appears skeptical that Rob will ever be able to make his entrance.


"Battles at Night," written by Kathryn Huelster

Fort Harrison near present-day Terre Haute, is under siege by Indian tribes the night of September 4, 1812 and a fire has broken out. Julia Ann is “fighting” for acceptance from the women while the soldiers are fighting off the attack. This true story reveals the dramatic outcome of both battles.


"Milo and Murphy," written by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman

A woman approaches a man in the waiting room of a rehabilitation hospital. Will her penchant for '90s films and verbal sparring drive him away, or will she find the connection she seeks, perhaps in the unlikeliest of places? 


"Wedding in Flight," written by James Hendrix

Nothing can stop Sara Chakrabarti in her desperate search for love and marriage—not even the impending crash of the plane she is aboard. Before Flight Number 439 goes down, will Sara convince a complete stranger to take the plunge? There’s mayhem and laughter in the clouds as Sara takes the ride of her life.


"Root Vegetables," written by Summer Keown

When their husbands went off to war, Rose and Eileen had to learn how to survive, and then to thrive, on their own. Now, the war is finally over. With the men returning soon, can they go back to how it was before? 


"Bus To Somewhere," written by Kevin Green

An encounter with Penelope in a bus station causes Malcolm to reconsider his destination. “Which bus do I take?”


"Music of the Mash," written by Neil Martin

In a universe where potato mashing is a profession of high esteem, a veteran masher has an opportunity to realize her dearest desire. But she'll have to risk a terrible fate in order to make her dream come true. Can her co-workers help her overcome her fears and achieve mashing immortality? Find out in Music of the Mash, a comedy with hardly any lumps.


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Sunday May 6th, 2:00PM

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Performance Times: 
Friday May 4th, 8:00PM
Saturday May 5th, 8:00PM
Sunday May 6th, 2:00PM

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Ticket Price: 
$15 general admission / $12 students/seniors

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