There Ain't No More! - Arts Midwest Showcase

Produced by:
Breaker/Fixer Productions

As part of the Arts Midwest Showcase, catch a 15-minute snippet of "There Ain't No More," recent participating in the IndyFringe Festival! An award-winning, tour-de-folk operetta celebrating America’s vanishing original art form. In his final performance, an old folk singer confronts his lost love, experiences of the Vietnam War, years of political activism, adventures into the American wilderness, and death itself with five instruments, square-dance calling, and dirty jokes in this haunting, heartfelt hootenanny. This play is the product of five years of research, down-home poetry, square dances, music-mentorship, and folklore in the mountains of the Arkansas Ozarks.

“Powerful...worth seeking out” - Washington Post
“a Renaissance of Americana” - Chelsea Now
"★★★★★"- Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and KC Applauds

About Breaker/Fixer Productions:
Breaker/Fixer Productions creates original performances at the intersection of theatre and folklore. We gather and preserve meaningful traditions and difficult stories from cultural outsiders, exposing them to wider audiences. Often, the stories we find most exciting are in rural, fringe, or divided communities.

Using fieldwork and primary-source research, we adapt these stories, songs, and perspectives into performances that address contemporary social issues. Championing local ways of knowing allows us to question mainstream values and traditions. Our shows stand as object lessons, empowering audiences to actively engage in their own forgotten pasts, oral histories, and cultural legacies.

We also work with communities by leading conversations arising from our performances, curating participatory social events, and hosting workshops that share our knowledge while nurturing local creation.

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Next Show: 
Friday Sep 7th, 9:30PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Friday Sep 7th, 9:30PM



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