Written by:
Ryan Bennett

Truth— The One Man Show is the culmination of 152 years of truth coming from the souls of four individuals. Silas Christian, a runaway slave; Harley Wallace, a Klu Klux Klan member; Malik Muhammad, a Civil Rights Activist and Jackson Thomas, a misguided young man are all fighting for family.

"This is my first OnyxFest production and I hope it brings Unity. As the mission of the festival is to informs its viewers of the human condition and its power to heal. I hope that as more diverse crowds attend the Onyx Fest we create compassion and empathy for each other. It’s important to have a place where emerging artists can nurture their craft and test material on audiences."

 What is your favorite line in your play:

"I’m a walking contradiction— a commodity.”

This line comes from the young incarcerated character, Jackson. I like this line because it represents the complexity of this character, showing how an individual may appear to the audience at the beginning, but once the audiences witnesses the character’s evolution, they will leave realizing we all are the same; no matter our race, color, creed, or socioeconomic status.

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Next Show

Next Show: 
Saturday May 20th, 9:00PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Sunday May 14th, 7:00PM
Friday May 19th, 7:00PM
Saturday May 20th, 9:00PM

Ticket Price

Ticket Price: 
$18 Adults / $13 Seniors and Students $15 at the door



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