Written by:
Music by Joe Zellnik, Book and lyrics by David Zellnik, Director Tim Spradlin

Yank is a musical about a young man's journey. He is drafted in 1943 and put into basic training where he realizes how different he is from the other men and confirms his attraction to men and not women. He then has a dalliance with one of the soldiers. After the soldier pulls away the young man takes a job writing for a military magazine called Yank where he is whisked all over the world. Not only is he writing important stories but he is also living as a gay man of course under cover never forgetting his first love. After receiving word that his soldier is suffering from depression due to war anxiety the young man visits him. Here they revisit there romance. The romance of course is short-lived as they are found out. From here we find out how brutal the military was in their treatment of soldiers not only for punishment of being gay but also in the way they were forcing these people to out other officers. It all comes to a very dramatic ending but not without hope for the future. Because this is a world war two love story it is surrounded by music that counters this dramatic story. Writers David and Joseph Zellnik are incredibly smart in mixing comedy and uplifting music to cushion the reality of the story. At times it is a tribute to the 40's war movie musical.

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Friday Mar 1st, 7:30PM

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Performance Times: 
Friday Mar 1st, 7:30PM
Saturday Mar 2nd, 7:30PM
Sunday Mar 3rd, 4:00PM
Thursday Mar 7th, 7:30PM
Friday Mar 8th, 7:30PM
Saturday Mar 9th, 7:30PM
Sunday Mar 10th, 4:00PM
Thursday Mar 14th, 7:30PM
Friday Mar 15th, 7:30PM
Saturday Mar 16th, 7:30PM
Sunday Mar 17th, 4:00PM
Thursday Mar 21st, 7:30PM
Friday Mar 22nd, 7:30PM
Saturday Mar 23rd, 7:30PM
Sunday Mar 24th, 4:00PM

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Ticket Price: 
$25 General Admission


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