The District Theatre Main Stage


Internationally acclaimed performer, choreographer, and master teacher Gerry Trentham presents the award winning Yellow Scale, a cross disciplinary work of written/spoken poetic text, dance, human gesture, sound, music, and visual/media art. Yellow Scale is a section of Trentham's evening-length work Four Mad Humours - - which won a Toronto Dora Award (similar to the American Tony award) for performance in 2011.


For Crossroads Dance Indy's third-annual IndyFringe show, choreographers demonstrate the interactions we experience every day - with people, places, and events in our lives - and the significance of these experiences.

Beneath the Surface

“Beneath the Surface” follows a group of teens as they navigate the triumphs and struggles of growing up in a rural community. Join them as they deal with family, school, self-acceptance, social media, and handling problems with mental health. Learn about their stories and let us dig beneath the surface together.

Learn more about Beneath the Surface here:

Intoxicating India

For many years, Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre has presented programs highlighting the rich, vibrant and diverse cultures of India. “Intoxicating India” is a varied dance program featuring music, dance, costumes and themes of India with a fusion of modern dance. A program of sensory intoxication that is beautiful, colorful, spiritual, sensual, exciting and powerful.

Beyond Ballet

Indianapolis Ballet kicks off its first full season with another eclectic production for IndyFringe, including original works spanning several genres of dance and featuring the professional company’s 20-member ensemble. Choreography by Victoria Lyras, Paul Vitali and Roberta Wong.

Present Memories

Performed on The District Theatre Mainstage (Formally Theatre on the Square), nationally-recognized choreographers and Indiana University colleagues Stephanie Nugent and Elizabeth Shea collaborate to create an evening of contemporary dance repertory sure to raise spirits and tug at socially-conscious heartstrings. Through bodies and voices, performers will share challenges, humor, and earnest anecdotes regarding what it means to be human.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

“The course of true love never runs smooth.” We are thrilled this year to have Agape Performing Arts Company join Bard Fest. Under the direction of Dr. Kathy Phipps, Agape is an award-winning youth theater company. Agape is dedicated to growing young performers' abilities, reaching for excellence without sacrificing their integrity and inner character. Agape has a uniquely supportive atmosphere that is simultaneously rigorous yet fun. Agape will present a charming all youth production of Shakespeare’s classic tale, of love, magic, and hilarious comedy.


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