Indy Eleven Theatre

God Bless Phyllis Schlafly

Arts advocates Elise, Susan, and Ted band together to save the home of a once-revered female painter, while the studio of a male artist has become a tourist destination. The trio discuss the struggles women have faced taking their rightful place in history. Can they rescue the property in time?

An Accidental Organist

In 1991, David Boyle took over his ailing father's job as church organist and choir director. This solo show is a workplace confessional that explores 25-plus years of sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant interactions with the congregation.

Nancy Drewinsky and the Search for the Missing Letter

Robin Bady is not afraid of the bogeyman, she is haunted by someone much worse: Senator McCarthy, instigator of the anti-Communist witch hunts of the 1950s. To name her fears and claim her truth, Robin reveals the deeply personal story of what happened when her father was accused of being a traitor and Communist spy. Her family was never the same.


Storytelling Arts of Indiana:

The Merchant of Venice

Under the direction of Mr. Doug Powers, we present a searing study of money, love, and intolerance. A wealthy but bigoted nobleman borrows money from a prosperous money lender. When he cannot repay his debt the moneylender seeks the return of his debt with a literal pound of the man’s flesh. The climactic courtroom scene features some of the most beautiful, tragic, and powerful speeches in all of literature.


The best magicians appear at Taylor Martin's Indy Magic each month. The July event features Michael Kent, with special appearances by Nathan Kranzo, Lion Fludd, and Smoke and Mirrors, a duo in from Louisville.

Lion Fludd is quickly establishing himself as one of the most in demand comedian magicians around. His quick wit and sharp edge comedy style mixed with interactive magic and sarcastic improve moves are some of the best around.


The best magicians appear at Taylor Martin's Indy Magic each month. The June event is The Young Whippersnappers of Magic, featuring Hunter Tabor, Anthony Stockton, Nathan Colwell and Brendon Ware. All magicians are 21 and under for this special event! Featuring live music by Jamahl Keye's family band, The Key of "M," before and during intermission.



Summer in Chicago: Temperatures flare, shootings spike and the city is stuck in status quo. Enter a mixed bag of underdogs ready to save whatever's left of the day. Completely powerless but sky-high on passion, they join forces. But as broken bones multiply and alliances splinter, the team is forced to draw the line between well-meaning heroism and vigilante justice.

Bonnie Bitch

America’s First & Only Comedy Female Impersonator Hypnotist returns to Indianapolis! Direct from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Bonnie Bitch swings her mesmerizing watch in this HER-larious evening of hypnotic fun. Come see the show or BE the show, as audience members become outrageous characters that will have everyone rolling with laughter.


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