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Conductor Cody Magic Show


This young entertainer performs a children’s magic show themed to railroading.

Cody’s recently been awarded the Magic Warehouse Scholarship to attend Jeff McBride’s Mystery School this August. He’s a senior at the University of Louisville, class of 2015. He recently was featured in a benefit for Noble of Hamilton County and Hamilton County Special Olympics, with comic Scott Long. He’s also performed at the Indianapolis Winter Magic Festival and the Indianapolis Propylaeum.


Written by: Jayme McGhan & Andy Pederson / Directed by: Brian Fruits / Chicago Sponsor: Jeramie Simmons / US Navy Consultant: Matthew Adams.

IN THE SOUNDLESS AWE is a remount of the 2017 Chicago Joseph Jefferson Recommended play that takes place 22 years later, finding Charles Butler McVay III (film & TV's Jason Narvy), the wrongly court-martialed and disgraced Captain of the U.S.S. Indianapolis, in his haunting final moments.

Stark Naked

“Stark Naked” is a one-woman play in which the artist Margaret Stark and graduate student Carrie Cohen explore the choices women make in their lives and the consequences of those choices.


Unholy Trinity

Some people will speak their Minds, but what if the Heart and Body were given voice as well? What would they want and how would they get along? “Unholy Trinity” explores these internal conflicts and complexity by giving each of these aspects her own character. They will have to work together in this hilarious, absurdist search for love. It will take all three to find the one.


Taylor Martin’s Indy Magic Monthly #130

Indy audiences love magicians Ryan Siebert and Mathew David Stanley. That's why these two guys have been onstage with Taylor Martin a total of 17 times over the past 10 years. So let's welcome these three amazing magicians back to the IndyFringe stage on March 6. Attend the show and you go into the 'top hat' to win two tickets to the Adam Trent Magic Show at Clowes Hall on March 14. One of the best magic tours today, Adam Trent's magic is original and very modern.

2018 OnyxFest

Fri, 2018-02-16 15:46 -- andrea

Established in 2011, OnxyFest is striving to become, in the words of the late playwright, August Wilson, a festival that “informs its viewers of the human condition and its power to heal.” OnyxFest is determined to be the vehicle to promote and expose avid theatre goers to the voices and talent of new and emerging African American playwrights.

READING : G.O.Me (Get Off of Me)


G.O.Me (Get Off of Me) Playwright: Curtis D. Shepard

Families, like birthdays, can be full of surprises. In 2016, a close-knit family in a quiet cul-de-sac nestled in Crooked Creek, Ind., came face to face with secrets that would surprise them all. Mr. Fix It, a respected handyman in the community, had a peculiar talent for fixing things once broken. Occasionally, some things, even people, are broken unfixable.


Summer Storm Playwright: Ramla Bandele

In a bizarre chain of events, Summer Barker Brown, finds herself involved in a criminal investigation that could lead to the loss of her child. However, in this era of renewed Black activism around police brutality and misconduct, Summer is helped by the Community Social and Psychological Service Center.


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