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"Un5gettable - LIVE!"

"Un5gettable is a musical comedy boyband made up of five lifelong friends from Indiana. The group's popularity rose after they released their music video for their song "Sorry" on Funny or Die. More videos and music followed and their second EP release is due out early summer. Come join the fun as the group performs songs and sketches and makes you forget about the ugly parts of life."


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The themes are as wide-ranging as the playwrights themselves "Sex - Death - A CPAP Machine" warped and humorous and everything in between....

IndyFringe and the Indiana Writers Center have put together an emerging playwrights' showcase featuring ten-minute plays by exciting new playwrights who have been honing their craft at the Indiana Writers Center and presented by your favorite local theatre companies.

"Not Yet"


A moment can continue to haunt you well after it has passed and reconciling that moment with the rest of your life isn't always as easy as it seems. The memories that linger can be damaging, empowering, frustrating and glaring as they wash over you in the seconds before everything changes.

Bio of playwright:


Directed by : Miranda Swan

Brooke Eden is a very confused 20-year-old kid. She is just trying to navigate through her life, all while dealing with awkward dates, therapy appointments and ballet class. “Batshit” is one punk’s hilarious journey to embrace the craziness that is life…and her brain.

Bio of Playwright:

On The Pole

Description: “On the Pole” confronts how working on the pole impacts the past, present and future lives of three dancers and a former dancer turned house mother, on the eve of one's first night and one's final night on the pole.


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According to the New York State Council on the Arts, only 22 percent of stage productions across the country are created by women; that’s up from a dismal 17 percent fifteen years ago. We must do better.

Kozmo & Chris Capehart

Kozmo NYC One of the world’s leading street and stage magicians.
He took his childhood hobby and turned it into a professional career. "Kozmo Magic," is recognized as one of today's premier magic video production companies.
Chris Capehart has been dubbed "The Ring Master" and for good reasons. Acclaimed by some of the world's most renowned magicians as "the best of the best." he mesmerizes magicians and audiences with a close-up ring routine more commonly performed at a distance.

ALBA & Garrett Thomas

Garrett Thomas is a close-up magician based out of the WNY who performs across the United States.
As a magician, Garrett is known for being an innovator as well as one of the top card, coin, and ring manipulators.

ALBA - Sleight of Hand and Mind!
Alba became the first female magician from South America to appear at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle, having performed over 150 Shows (and counting) on three of their main stages.

Act A Foo

Act A Foo' have been exciting Indy audiences for the past
7 years with their own special brand of improv ... funny,
endearing, on-the-edge, laugh till your sides split kind of comedy.
See them the third Sunday of every month at the Indy Eleven
Theatre @ IndyFringe.


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