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Six brand new playwrights with six unique voices. 
Five mothers with problems, forgotten boyfriends, fervent wishes and a magic tree,  
A lot can happen in ten minutes!
Mrs. Pete’s Café
by Mitch Vogel
Two friends enter a nearly empty, greasy diner on the Texas Gulf coast. One of them thinks their frumpy waitress might be a Hollywood babe, or is she?
Tree’s Company

Christoper Carter - Mind Reader

Christopher Carter has been called one of the world’s greatest mind readers. But he’s not psychic. He’s just in the business of freaking people out.
Christopher reads the audience, revealing details about their lives that nobody could know. Don’t worry! He won’t reveal your deep, dark secrets. Unless they’re funny!


May 31-June 17
Director: Emily Ristine Holloway
Music Director: Jeanne DeVos Bowling
Choreographer: Cherri Jaffee
Eclipse, Emerging Artists Program of SSS


DivaFest is a juried playwrighting festival sponsored by IndyFringe each year.

Nationally, only 19 percent of published contemporary plays have been written by women. We are seeking to change that. Over the past nine years, DivaFest has fostered the growth of new works, new audiences, new performing companies, and new IndyFringe festival shows.

2018 DivaFest Lineup:

Unholy Trinity
Thin Walls - CANCELLED
Moon Beneath Her Feet
Josephine - Special Returning Event
Keeping the Pace
Stark Naked
Operation Farley
Cassandra's Dream

“Take My Hand”

“Take My Hand” (A Blues Man’s Path to Gospel)

Playwright: Lillie Evans

It's 1932 and Thomas Dorsey, a self-taught pianist, is well on his way to being one of the most prolific blues talents in blues history. His vision is to marry church music with blues rhythms—it was called gospel. Pressured to choose between the blues he loves and the music he wants to change, what should he do and what price will he pay to find the answer.

The play was granted a reading at 2017 National Black Theater Festival.

2018 OnyxFest Lineup

March 22/23/24/25 & March 29/30/31

The importance of ONYXFest: Develop and present voices not often heard and showcase the work of established voices. Engage new and established audiences in the art and craft of production Bring new excitement to theatre and grow ONYXFest as a center for African American playwrights. Impact of ONYXFest: Growth of new works, new audiences, new performing companies, new fringe festival shows. Imagine the new voices being heard – on stage in 2018.

ONYXFest Events and Plays:


The Magic Showcase is two hours of pure magic.

This is a unique event, designed to bring back to the stage amazing, live, magic shows AND present  the world’s top magicians in an intimate close up setting where you can’t miss a trick!!!

Reserve a table of 4 or an intimate table of 2. General seating is also available. All table seating is on a first-come basis until sold out.  Phone 317 292 5687

Murray SawChuck


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