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God is a Scottish Drag Queen

Mike Delamont is making his way to Indy!

One of the most popular comedies on the international Fringe circuit comes to Indy Fringe for the very first time!

God, dressed in a floral power suit, comes down to skewer everything from Justin Bieber to the Pope in an unforgettable night of comedy.

Woody Sed

Woody Sed is an original play about the life and times of Woody Guthrie and the songs he sang about them. Featuring 19 songs, Woody Sed offers a cascade of 25 colorful characters, all bundled up in a true-to-life tale.

The King & I: A Hunk of Burnin' Love

Critic’s Pick 2014 CincyFringe. After Melvin experiences an Elvis-related miracle, he changes his name to Melvis Praisely, starts an Elvis evangelical church, and rockets to cult-like superstardom, facing many of the same obstacles faced by his King. "I laughed, sang, and got teary-eyed."—IndyFringe Tweet Team "Quintessentially American...4.5 stars"—NUVO


If you like drug-crazed, murderous drag queens, Nazi bukkake, Jesus on acid, and peppy choreography to classic hits, RUN, don't walk to see Showerhead! "Like John Waters directing a Hunter S. Thompson screenplay." "This is the kind of theatre your mother warned you about!"

Going Down

God, now named Harry, was once almighty, but things have gone wrong. Pete (St. Peter) is on a rampage. Mary’s ready to spread her ideas. Jeeze (Jesus) challenges Harry to stop a war that could end the world. Can Harry figure out what to do before it’s too late? A divine and timely comedy thriller.

One US

Circle City Tap Company returns to IndyFringe presenting works of diversity, empowerment, and unity through the art of tap dance. An uplifting, family-friendly concert that’s entertaining and inspiring, featuring some of Indy's best tap dancers.


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