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A city on the mend and making steady progress…the world becomes tangible, available, is waiting to be conquered. Hildegard is ambitious. She fought in a war, sang songs, exposed her left breast, and cut if off. She can tell you what it means to be a woman in Berlin, a city in seventy-year limbo between destruction, rubble and shiny new capitalism. Amongst the ruins of her past and a nation ravaged by war, HILDEGARD/KNEF explores a world of death, destruction and music, where everything is under

Contains Partial Nudity.

What They Said About Love

Steve Budd plays over a dozen characters in his solo show about looking for love and--sometimes--finding it. He weaves in his own search for "the one" in this 60-minute piece that is funny and poignant. Budd's story is complemented by scenes of five couples who he interviewed about their marriages.

Vixen DeVille Revealed

Burlesque, Circus, Comedy, Magic …. and a few home truths. British actress Cat LaCohie reveals the truth behind her Burlesque persona, ‘Vixen DeVille’… inviting you on the journey to revealing YOUR inner Vixen. Embrace the freedom to express yourself, BE yourself, CELEBRATE yourself, the GOOD, the BAD and THE WOBBLY!! Guaranteed to leave you entertained and Inspired.

The Day Penny Drowned

Penny and her husband, Brad just produced a Broadway musical to rave reviews.  To celebrate, they rent a lakeside cottage. Penny's goal?  To have sex with Brad.  His?  To have sex, (hopefully with Penny) and go fishing.  Unfortunately, Penny’s family foil their plans (arriving by land and lake uninvited and unexpected). How does Penny set boundaries and keep her head above water?  Or does she?  Come find out in this hilarious farce called The Day Penny Drowned.


Not Dead Yet

A former Hollywood star now lives in the Midwest with her wacky chosen family. As her godson tries to drag her, kicking and whining, into technological literacy, hilarity follows. Join Dana Dunn and her devotees as she attempts to master social media.

The Only Thing Worse You Could've Told Me

Dan Bulter of television's "Frazier" has written a tour de force of what it means to be a gay man. With ten characters from all walks of life, the show runs the gamut of people you dislike to men you fall in love with.

At times hysterically funny, heartbreakingly poignant, and very real. Artistic Director for Be Out Loud Theatre (BOLT), Indianapolis's Exclusively LGBTQ+ theatre company, Michael Swinford.

Russian Roulette

Six days, six unique shows. Character House Theatre Company performs their devised work on Anton Chekhov, nightly breathing fresh life into their scene improvisations like jazz artists riffing on familiar songs. From whimsical to heart-rending, the scenes open a window into the life of one of Russia’s most beloved writers.


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