Adult Language

Meatball Séance

John Michael needs your help with cooking his mom’s meatball recipe on stage to summon her from the dead so she can meet/approve of his boyfriend. Daddy John Michael will reward audience members who play his significant others with beer & shots. "Hilarious...Beguiling...Heartfelt...Goofy." —

A Fool's Errand

What happens in a time of historical ferment when you acknowledge the moral roots and lived experiences that inform your politics, left and right? We enter the stage with the daily news and go from there for three performances of high-wire improvisation and emotionally honest storytelling about then and now.

The King & I: A Hunk of Burnin' Love

Critic’s Pick 2014 CincyFringe. After Melvin experiences an Elvis-related miracle, he changes his name to Melvis Praisely, starts an Elvis evangelical church, and rockets to cult-like superstardom, facing many of the same obstacles faced by his King. "I laughed, sang, and got teary-eyed."—IndyFringe Tweet Team "Quintessentially American...4.5 stars"—NUVO

Seeking Consciousness

Coming off of his #1 album "Pacifist Aggressive, comedian Dwight Simmons explores his inherent fear of being titled and stereotyped. Through personal comedic and introspective stories, Seeking Consciousness aims to answer the question why humans have a need for labels and the effects they can have from adolescence into adulthood.


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