Adult Language

A Fatal Step

BEST-OF-FEST winner Jill Vice returns with a one-woman noir that ain’t just black & white. Sex, Lies, & Podiatry— sometimes a dame has to take matters into her own hands. But good intentions can lead to...murder. "An impressive array of body language and vocal talent" -Huffington Post

Ready Freddy

After several years of being incarcerated for child endangerment, an abusive father's return home sets off a variety of emotions. His manipulation of each character plays out as the reality of our times demonstrates there's not always a happy ending. Ready Freddy is for mature audiences.

The Chronic Single's Handbook

A chronically-single guy takes a trip around the world hoping to change his luck with love. An unflinching look at how men feel about sex, love, marriage, and massage parlors. "Fun to watch. Four stars" (Winnipeg FreePress) "Literary," "Raw" (DCMetroTheaterArts) "Sharply funny...a quality solo show" (FringeReview)

Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups

What happens before once upon a time and after happily ever after? Did Beauty love the Prince or the Beast? What’s all the fuss about poisoned apples anyway? Join storyteller Laura Packer for the other side of enchantment. No Disney princesses, singing teapots or emasculated wolves. Darker. Sexier. Funnier. Grimmer.


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