Adult Language

Approaching Happiness with Krish Mohan

What makes us happy? Comedian Krish Mohan explores the idea of Happiness and perceptions of mental illness in today’s society. He is removing stigmas associated with immigration, drugs, gun control, racism and being accountable for the problems we’ve created, all revolving around the subject of mental health. Will he find out how we can all approach happiness?

Free the TaTas

While being armed with pen, paper and hope, that is when the emotional and visibly physical stages of breast cancer’s ignoble spectrums become exposed. Five women sort out their individual paths via therapeutic journaling. Synaptic transference takes place and lives are transformed. #BreastCancerAwareness

This Year in Despair

In his first IndyFringe show, stand-up comedian Peter-john Byrnes was described as having "a voice both hilarious and at times uncomfortable in the best of ways." (NUVO) He returns for his third IndyFringe with a new hour about murderous bees, hot White House sex, and suburban dishonor.

Fear of Flowers by Neil Martin

Gentle Reader: Consider a world where women are uninhibited and men are sensitive. Bears are revered, flowers are feared and food is [*censored*]. Confused? You won’t be after seeing Fear of Flowers, the hilarious new adult play that flips gender expectations and explores how far we’ll go for love.

The Gab

America's favorite afternoon chat show is in trouble. Fame, egos, fights and faux pas abound. It's gonna be a long day... From the team that brought you The Great Bike Race and Holy Ficus. Featuring Ericka Barker, Nathalie Cruz, Betsy Norton, Jenni White, Vickie Cornelius Phipps, Devan Mathias and Chad Woodward.

Cabargay: The Return

2017 has been a great year for Broadway, filled with revivals and new productions. Join the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus for our favorites, including works from Dear Evan Hansen, Hello Dolly, Hamilton, and more! Emotions include: amusement, heartbreak, mirth, lamentation, delight, enchantment, regret. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’s better than Cats.


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