Ages 12 and up

Beauty and the Beast

Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up; yes sir, you in the back! We present to you a tale of wonder and intrigue, of love and sacrifice, of rivalry and showmanship. What else can you expect at the event of the century? This is the Chicago World’s Fair, after all.

Red Couch

This award-winning dance-theatre romantic romp is about two people. They like each other – maybe more than like. Cue the gut-wrenched butterflies. Passive-aggressive body language begets awkward tension when like becomes like-like and their hearts go aflutter. All of this happens on a couch –that’s red.

WORKSHOP - Exploring Contemporary Arab Music and Dance

Music and Dance Workshop
IndyFringe Theatre, 719E St Clair Street, Indianapolis
11am, June 24, 2017
Limited to 30

Circle World Arts is a global network of world art workshops bringing artists, audiences, and cultural institutions together across continents, languages, and traditions.

Music and Dance Workshop exploring different rhythms, melodies, and dances from the Arab World!
With Hadi Eldebek, Mohamad Eldebek, and Ramzi Edlibi.

And How Does My Garden Grow?

And How Does My Garden Grow? by Rita Kohn brings us into the lives of teens in crisis. Do we ‘lock ‘em up’ or help them regain a worthy path? Indiana today has more young people in crisis than the national average. What can we do? 
Directed by Angela Jackson-Brown and Ashya Thomas

IndyFringe wishes to thank Broad Ripple Brewpub and Scarlet Lane Brewing Company for producing a beer
"Hangin' Tough" in honor of Rita. The proceeds of beer sales were used to produce this play.


INFINITY Directed by Ronan Marra

How does a new Theory of Time change everything we know about ourselves? Three brilliant minds – a musician, a mathematician, and a theoretical physicist – smash together like colliding particles in an accelerator. Together they learn that love and time are connected in ways they couldn’t have imagined. Infinity is a shocking, funny and revelatory play about love, sex, & math by Canadian playwright Hannah Moscovitch, with original violin composition by Njo Kong Kie.

"Esther, a Musical"


Esther, a Musical
By Arttacgo Luckett
Esther is a musical drama based on the Biblical book of Esther who is chosen by King Xerxes to become the new Queen of Persia. When Haman, the king’s advisor devises a plot to kill all of the Jews in the kingdom, Esthers faith, courage, and loyalty are tested....She must make a choice to save her own life, or the lives of the Jewish nation.

Give em Hell, Harry

Give ‘Em Hell, Harry is a show that captures the essence of the volatile political atmosphere of the Truman presidency
and gives it a human touch, a positive message and much-needed insight into a man that shaped the future of modern America.



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