Ages 16 and up

The Jordan Allen Experience

The Jordan Allen Experience is an interactive mind reading expose that sold out at the Louisville Fringe Festival. Jordan Allen WILL READ the minds of the entire audiences! The Jordan Allen Experience is an interactive show that is audience focused with moments of motivation all packed into an unforgettable experience.

Make Me a Match!

On the set of America’s favorite dating show, Make Me a Match, young intern Meredith is content with her job until she discovers the true character of the beloved host, Danny Sharp. Teaming up with her coworker, Lexi, they work together to bring him down once and for all.

Vinny the Pooh

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite childhood characters after you grew up? They’ve moved beyond flying kites and long walks in the woods. They enjoy more adult fun these days. But it's not always playtime for this dysfunctional Family: mayhem, sex, murder and greed are what keep them together and what force them apart.

Not Dead Yet

A former Hollywood star now lives in the Midwest with her wacky chosen family. As her godson tries to drag her, kicking and whining, into technological literacy, hilarity follows. Join Dana Dunn and her devotees as she attempts to master social media.

The Cookie Dough Show

A fun, fast-paced, multi-faceted variety show featuring fare from some of Indianapolis finest playwrights and performers: standup, ten minute shorts, music to memoirs our show delivers a panoply of performances, something for everyone in several bite sized shows for the same tasty ticket!
E.A.T. Indy's The Cookie Dough Show

Victory?! Again

A revamped edition of the show that debuted here in 2012. Judy is now a 26 year 2-time brain tumor survivor/patient and she is back with more stories. Audience giveaways too! Come laugh and learn, that you have to find the humorous side in all situations to survive!

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