Ages 16 and up

Aphrodite’s Refugees

A powerful story about survival and resilience in the face of indifference. Tossed in a sea of ink by the gods’ careless whims, four refugees describe their flight from a war-torn country. Animation, storytelling and live art come together to paint a hilarious, heartbreaking and (mostly) true picture. A portion of proceeds will be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

DC Metro:

The O Diary

What happens after #MeToo? “The O Diary” is a must for women - and their families - who need to understand the consequences of abuse against women. Betsy Blankenbaker’s provocative, funny, poignant, eccentric pilgrimage to heal and make peace with her body will surprise you with tears, laughter, and spark your curiosity to reclaim your voice in the world, too.

An Accidental Organist

In 1991, David Boyle took over his ailing father's job as church organist and choir director. This solo show is a workplace confessional that explores 25-plus years of sometimes hilarious, sometimes poignant interactions with the congregation.


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