Breakneck Julius Caesar

The mastermind behind “Breakneck Hamlet” captures all of Julius Caesar in one wild, one-hour, one-man romp in which the audience has the starring role! “Electrifying edutainment” (Orlando Weekly). “The Shakespeare tragedy has never been so much fun and simultaneously instructive.” (The Pitch). “Well-prepared, focused and magnificent… 5 Stars” (KC Applauds).

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October 24th will be the 10th Annual Halloween Spectacular.
Madame Esmerelda Fallendo, Gypsy Queen of Magic will be your host for the evening.
Star of the evening with his very unusual style of slightly spooky magic, is David London, direct from Baltimore.
Join David on a journey to someplace else. Combining magic with storytelling, comedy, surrealism, philosophy,
and that which cannot be defined, this is a magic show unlike anything you have experienced before.
Prepare for an evening packed full of laughs, mystery, and the unexpected!


It's just two dudes making a musical. Jon Colby and Will Pfaffenberger have been performing together for over a decade. Be prepared to laugh and maybe even cry as they take suggestions from the audience and then create an entire musical right before your very eyes. All of the songs, lyrics, and scenes are completely improvised. They promise.

Voci Dance: Paint Chips

Orlando Fringe veteran Voci Dance bring "word jazz" master Ken Nordine's 1966 album COLORS to life in this quirky, multimedia performance. Experience the eccentric artists' palette through Voci’s signature creative movement, humor, wit and grace. "Lovingly perfectionistic...Fringe is for enjoying yourself, and this show exemplifies that joy." -Orlando Weekly

Cabaret Terrarium

"An epic comedy of amnesia and redemption by Belgian cabaret singer and former mercenary, Gustave, and his mostly silent associate, Nhar." 5 stars, Edmonton Journal. "Harrington and Kauffman raise the level of comedy to high art." - The Globe and Mail, Toronto


MAN is a one-man comic exploration of what it means to be a man. Can you fix things? Can you kill the spider? Can you sing in public? MAN is a hilarious, brutally honest journey through which MAN relives many awkward, painful and exhilarating events of his life.


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