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INFINITY Directed by Ronan Marra

How does a new Theory of Time change everything we know about ourselves? Three brilliant minds – a musician, a mathematician, and a theoretical physicist – smash together like colliding particles in an accelerator. Together they learn that love and time are connected in ways they couldn’t have imagined. Infinity is a shocking, funny and revelatory play about love, sex, & math by Canadian playwright Hannah Moscovitch, with original violin composition by Njo Kong Kie.

The Quilting

The Quilting is an autobiographical play that depicts the abuse the playwright’s mother endured and how her strength had the ability to heal. The importance of this piece is that it shows the rippling effects of abuse and shows that in spite of the terror of abuse there is still the possibility of hope, self-realization, and forgiveness.


Directed by : Miranda Swan

Brooke Eden is a very confused 20-year-old kid. She is just trying to navigate through her life, all while dealing with awkward dates, therapy appointments and ballet class. “Batshit” is one punk’s hilarious journey to embrace the craziness that is life…and her brain.

Bio of Playwright:

Act A Foo

Act A Foo' have been exciting Indy audiences for the past
7 years with their own special brand of improv ... funny,
endearing, on-the-edge, laugh till your sides split kind of comedy.
See them the third Sunday of every month at the Indy Eleven
Theatre @ IndyFringe.

Love, Accurately

Set four weeks before the holidays, this musical romantic-comedy follows the lives of three Indianapolis couples who must ask themselves "Why the hell am I with this person?"
Take a more accurate look at the complexities of Love--with a bunch of singing and dancing.

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