Russian Roulette

Six days, six unique shows. Character House Theatre Company performs their devised work on Anton Chekhov, nightly breathing fresh life into their scene improvisations like jazz artists riffing on familiar songs. From whimsical to heart-rending, the scenes open a window into the life of one of Russia’s most beloved writers.

Fan Me, Lord!

In 1950s, Chicago native, Patricia Wilson visits home to share her big news after studying abroad in London. Little did she know her entire world will flip upside down as the beans spill about family secrets.

Can she face the challenges and keep her “new- found self-confidence?”

Ramla is a retired political science and Africana Studies professor.

Ready Freddy

After several years of being incarcerated for child endangerment, an abusive father's return home sets off a variety of emotions. His manipulation of each character plays out as the reality of our times demonstrates there's not always a happy ending. Ready Freddy is for mature audiences.

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