DIVAFEST - 10th Anniversary

Stay Tuned for the published schedule of DivaFest shows!


2 Weekends - April 17-18-19 and 24-25-26

2 Theatres - IndyFringe Basile and Indy Eleven Theatres

DivaFest is a juried playwrighting festival sponsored by the IndyFringe. Nationally, only 19% of published plays have been written by women. We are seeking to change that.

Over ten years, DivaFest has fostered the growth of new works, new audiences, new performing companies, and new fringe festival shows. 

The importance of DivaFest:

  • Develop and present voices not often heard as well as showcase the work of established voices.
  • Help new playwrights learn the processes of play production: write the play, pass jury for acceptance, work with production team, market and evaluate.
  • Engage new and established audiences in the art and craft of production
  • Bring new excitement to theatre and grow DivaFest as a center for Indiana women playwrights.
  • Attract regional and national media coverage

We wish to recognize the contribution of Rita Kohn and Marion Garmel for their untiring service to women playwrights.

Alarmed - Bernadette Bartlett
Dash Thirty Dash - Amy Wimmer-Schwarb
Moment of Impact - Jessica Strauss and Julie Mauro
Winter Solstice - Amy Pettinella
Madwomen's Late Night Cabaret - Julie Lynn Barber

The Wedding Belles - Nicole Kearney
Castles in Spain - Claudia Labin
Seeing the Universe's Magic Through the Eyes of an In-Betweener - Mikki Randolph
15 minute plays: Scattered with a Chance by Jessica Strauss, Tamlane by Julie Lynn Barber, Deep in Love by Deborah Asante
Strip for Change - Julie Mauro
Voice of an Angel - Tiffanie Bridges
No Place Like Home - Claudia Labin
Chaotica - Christel Bartelse
Sweatpants and High Heels - Dija Henry and Denise Warnsby

Invitations - Sharla Steiman, Indianapolis        
The Jazzy Detective - Nicole C. Kearney, Indianapolis
Marilyn Monroe, Communist - Melissa Nussbaum Freeman, Provincetown, MA
Good Things Come in Small Packages -Tina Nehrling, Jan White, Gari Williams (Indianapolis)
Storytellers :
LouAnn Homan - "And she Lived Happily, Happily, Happily Ever After...Or Did She?"
Stephanie Holman -Move it or Lose it
Sally Perkins -Wise Mothers Lie
Frances Whitener -The Trip to Indy


Kosmic Karnival - Jan White, Indianapolis
IMAGINARY KYLE A Romantic Comedy -  Bernadette Bartlett and Jenee Lusk, Indianapolis
Royal Friends, - Rita Kohn, Indianapolis

True Love Waits - Tina Nehrling
Zora's Tales - Deborah Asante
Mother Ireland - Mary Anne Mathews and Kate Duffy Sim
What is This Place - Jan White
Anna's Wings - Angela Jackson Brown
Fairy Godmother and Associates - Enid Cokonos
Short Plays :  Something Bad Happened - Tina Nehrling, Gari Williams, Jan White
Not Dead Yet -Jan White
On The Pole - Nicole Kearney
Not Yet - Chelsea Anderson
Batshit - Brooke Eden, KY
The Pink Hulk - Valerie David , NYC
Hedy!.   The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr -  Heather Massey, NYC
Josephine - Tamysha Harris, Orlando
Moon Beneath Her Feet - Carol Stamile 
Cassadra's Dream -Maripat Allen, MI 
 Unholy Trinity - Mary E, Carty and Stacey Post
Keeping The Pace - Casey O'Leary
Operation Farley - Ramona G. Henderson
Stark Naked - Carol Weiss
In The Presence of My Enemies - June McCarty Clair
Booby Prize - Dr Heather Garver, MO
aMUSEd - Megan Ann Jacobs
Physical Eduction - Maripat Allen, MI
Who's Minding the Snapper - Kate Duffy Sim
I Say Tomato, You Say Cheese - Mary Anne Mathews 
Dear Mavis - Enid Cokonos 
Play Readings : 
April 17, 18 & 19 and April 24, 25 & 26