The Actor's Nightmare

High School Festival

Produced by:
Westfield High School
Written by:
Christopher Durang

This play was inspired by the well known dream that many people in professional and amateur theatre have, that they go must perform in a play that they have inexplicably never been to rehearsals for, and for which they know neither the lines or the plot. So in this play George is an accountant who wanders onto an empty stage, not certain where he is or how he got there. The stage manager informs him he’s the understudy, and must go on in a few minutes. George doesn’t know his name, doesn’t think he’s an actor (“I think I’m an accountant”), and has no idea what play he’s supposed to do.

Next Show

Next Show: 
Sunday Nov 4th, 12:30PM

Performance Times

Performance Times: 
Friday Nov 2nd, 7:30PM
Saturday Nov 3rd, 4:30PM
Sunday Nov 4th, 12:30PM

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