A soulful sojourn into myriad layers of the Black experience.

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Performance Times: Oct 1st - 07:00 PM, Oct 9th - 07:00 PM, Oct 10th - 06:00 PM

Vernon A. Williams - “Being Black”

“OnyxFest 2020 is the perfect complement to a massive global transition, as it uses theatre to refine critical messages of change; giving voice to those who for too long have been invisible on the stage of our fragmented society.” Vernon A. Williams, “Being Black”


Mothers giving lessons of endurance and strength.

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Performance Times: Oct 2nd - 06:00 PM, Oct 3rd - 04:00 PM, Oct 11th - 06:00 PM

Rain Wilson – “I Feed You Defiance”


Explores the bliss and blues of unexpected attraction.

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Performance Times: Oct 2nd - 07:00 PM, Oct 3rd - 04:00 PM, Oct 4th - 06:00 PM

Aniqua Chatman – “A Bluesy Night”


A story of love, spontaneity, and sacrifice

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Performance Times: Oct 3rd - 06:00 PM, Oct 8th - 07:00 PM, Oct 11th - 04:00 PM

Shandrea Funnye – “Seven Days”
Shandrea Funnye is a writer, director, singer, songwriter, and actress originally from Chicago Il. She has been writing since third grade, which is also where she won her first young authors contest. A Warren Central High School graduate she also attended IUPUI.
A mother to two beautiful children, Funnye focused more on her family and less on the arts. Years later she auditioned for a small part in a friend’s production. When selected as the lead, she knew the opportunity was a needed push back in the right direction.


"It's about validation and realization"

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Performance Times: Oct 3rd - 07:00 PM, Oct 8th - 06:00 PM, Oct 11th - 02:00 PM

Michael Florence - “On The Corner”
“It’s about validation and realization. The validation that comes from having my work performed; and the realization of seeing my words come to life.”
Michael Florence - “On the Corner”


A humorous tale of temptation and consequences

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Performance Times: Aug 16th - 04:00 PM, Oct 9th - 06:00 PM, Oct 10th - 07:00 PM

J.R. Baltimore – “Anniversary”

“In this unique era of change, OnyxFest 2020 is an unprecedented opportunity for pervasive and deep celebration, illustration, examination and articulation of Black life and culture. Thoughts conveyed on this timely stage will be engaging, mind-bending and sustainable over time.”
- J.R. Baltimore “Anniversary”

Sunday in the Pocket featuring the MidCoast Swing Orchestra

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Performance Times: Oct 11th - 04:00 PM

Join in for an encore performance of the MidCoast Swing Orchestra’s SOLD OUT August 2020 concert at the IndyFringe PocketPark

Return to the heady days of the 1930s & 1940s swing band era.  Hear the music and stylings of the great early jazz bands such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Lunceford, Woody Herman, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Les Brown, and more.

Avenue Indy Jazz Quintet - Sunday in the Pocket

Next Show:
Performance Times: Oct 18th - 04:00 PM

Continuing their 2020 concert series come hear this remarkable quintet’s fresh takes on long time favorite songs.
Buy your tickets early.  The band’s July 5th show SOLD OUT!
About Avenue Indy:

Indy Blues Revue, Concert Series - 4th Edition

featuring Brenda Williams

Next Show:
Performance Times: Oct 24th - 01:00 PM

Back after their successful 2019 premier season Indy's own Brenda Williams headlines a group of Indy's finest musicians in a high energy, fun filled, toe 
tapping, dazzling dancing concert series.

Buy your tickets early.  The band’s July and August shows SOLD OUT!!

Patsy: A Lot o' Nerve

Next Show:
Performance Times: Oct 24th - 07:00 PM, Oct 25th - 03:00 PM

Fringe Festival Fave,  Elizabeth Young  takes a unique humorous slant on the legend of Patsy Cline, singing her greatest hits with her live band: The Deccadents!  Joe Alterio, Thomas Bennett, Bill Pemberton and Dave Pleiss.

(Elizabeth is a talented performer for her musical performance in Why Be Normal and her play The Day Penny Drowned.)

Monster Mash

presented by the Indianapolis Men's Chorus

Next Show:
Performance Times: Oct 30th - 05:00 PM, Oct 30th - 08:00 PM

Sounds of the season, spooky and sweet, with a side of monster mash.

Doors open at 4 & 7
Show starts at 5 & 8
2 - 45 minute sets with a 15 minute intermission