A soulful sojourn into myriad layers of the Black experience.

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Performance Times: Oct 1st - 07:00 PM, Oct 9th - 07:00 PM, Oct 10th - 06:00 PM

Vernon A. Williams - “Being Black”

“OnyxFest 2020 is the perfect complement to a massive global transition, as it uses theatre to refine critical messages of change; giving voice to those who for too long have been invisible on the stage of our fragmented society.” Vernon A. Williams, “Being Black”


A humorous tale of temptation and consequences

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Performance Times: Aug 16th - 04:00 PM, Oct 9th - 06:00 PM, Oct 10th - 07:00 PM

J.R. Baltimore – “Anniversary”

“In this unique era of change, OnyxFest 2020 is an unprecedented opportunity for pervasive and deep celebration, illustration, examination and articulation of Black life and culture. Thoughts conveyed on this timely stage will be engaging, mind-bending and sustainable over time.”
- J.R. Baltimore “Anniversary”